Birthday Cakes at Swissybuns are specifically designed to our customer’s specification because our clients are individual and unique, so equally the cakes are too. If you would like a replica of a previous cake it will be tailored individually to your personality and style.  We can incorporate your photograph or picture into the cake using edible cake transfers.  We can model a likeness of you from sugar with your favorite jumper or team colours to be placed as your cake topper.

Swissybuns bespoke celebration cakes are a focus for your special occasion with many of our clients telling us everyone wanted to take photos of the cake!

Our clients love the special attention and communication between our team and you, our VIP client.

At Swissybuns we make cakes for all occasions, so when you are looking for a Baker or cake maker in London to make you your Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Pops or Giant Cupcakes think Swissybuns.