Why Swissybuns?

Yes, Why Swissybuns? Well hello everyone, settle in and let me tell you all about it, ok.. all about me,  I’m Sam and I started out making cakes for my children and their friends. I found I had a flair for making little models, And a real bonus was that my children adored them. They also loved to help out with the baking of the cakes and cupcakes too. Not so much the clearing up tho, go figure! Yes, yes, I know.

Why Swissybuns?

So between teaching my kids how to bake and decorate cakes and making the occasional birthday party present. I have evolved into Swissybuns, the name of which came about when I was caught talking to my tea time treat!

Talking to your Tea Time Treat?

I was left alone with the yummy goodies to make a cuppa for me and my pal and just couldn’t help myself, the anticipation of a gorgeous yummy snack was just too much and rubbing my hands with glee, exclaiming “ooooOOO Swissybuns! Yummieeeee” (Apple Danish, Swiss Buns and sticky swirl buns are my favourite treat). Did you feel the excitement? I did, and still do. I love my tea time treats.

Needless to say, she had caught me talking to my buns and came back into the room killing herself; rolling around with laughter and the nickname stuck like glue!! =) So there, that’s all it is, that my friends is why Swissybuns!

Other skills (boring bits)

Apart from my innate skill of using the weirdest descriptive words I teach children to cook and take private groups for Baking and Cake Decorating.

I hold a City and Guild 7900 certificate in sugar and design…. since 1996 no less. Also current health and hygiene certificates and a first aid certificate.

I am C.R.B checked and regularly inspected by the local council environmental health department.

I teach P.M.E Masters, Wilton method, cupcake basics, sugar flowers, sugar figure modelling, cake painting and many more classes in The Granville and also in Queensbury. As well as making birthday cakes and all the other celebration cakes too.

Not so boring but the best for last

Did I mention I am a Mum to four? And now a very proud Nana to six amazing kiddies… Hi guys xxxxxx

Two of my amazing and gorgeous kids run a mobile bar service, check them out here